dimanche 10 novembre 2013

The Wolf

Coat - Urban Outfitters (CARIN WESTER)
Dress - H&M
Cut Out Boots - River Island

And Winter is definitely here. I was freezing while Marion was taking these pictures. I.hate.the.cold.with.all.of.my.heart. I can't wait to go back to the Philippines this Christmas, I miss the sun (and parents, dogs, house) so bad. Anyway, went to BarRumba with some friends on friday night: It was a Celebrity night. I had the brilliant idea to wear this dress with a white crown flower (Lana Del Rey), and got called a bride the whole night. I swear the photographer started shouting that I was getting married in two weeks: think twice before wearing all white to a club. Having my depressing "itssundaynight" moment right now. Bye, x

''Eyes black, big paws and it's poison and it's blood''

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