lundi 11 novembre 2013

Friend (Lover)

This outfit is more... How can I put this? Um, Rihanna-ish than my usual looks. Although I quite like her style (even though I would never dare to dress up like her), i'm more into a soft rock style... I don't even know how to describe it. Whatever, I don't know how to describe my fashion tastes, musical tastes, boy taste. Yeah I just wear/listen/take (lol) whatever I like. Going back to the outfit, I thrifted this army jacket this Summer in Paris (Hippy Market), it was such a good deal. I am completely, utterly in love with it. It's late and I'm tired. This is Uni: Everyday I just tell myself that I should sleep earlier but I always end up finding so much stuff to do at night (even though I do nothing by day). It's like I hate sleeping because it's such a waste of time but then at the same time it's the best fucking thing in the world (with food). xx

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