jeudi 14 novembre 2013

Golden Haze

And I'm done with Uni work (well almost, still needs lots of editing), such a relief. Anyway, these photos were taken on Carnaby street by the one and only Marion. She had to go take some analogue photos for a school project so I decided to join her, Carnaby street being one of my favorite shopping streets here in London. When I saw this pug t-shirt in River Island a few days ago, I just could not leave without buying it. It's just so adorable, and I mean it's pugs! How could I resist? And this leather skirt is the best deal I've ever made. I thrifted it in Toulouse this Summer. It was only 14E and it's real leather. I know I wear these shoes way too much but they just go with everything and I love them so much. x

"Beautiful one, I wanna know what you are. Beautiful one, I wanna go where you go."

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