dimanche 6 octobre 2013


Cape - River Island
Tights - Missguided
Dress - Market in Singapour
Glasses - That Same Market in Singapour
Boots - Dr. Martens

I bought this cape a few days ago, and I love it so much! You can wear it both sides which makes it quite interesting, and fun to wear with various outfits. My course has started and I have a lot of work already but I can't complain. It's very interesting, but it requires an important fashion knowledge and a passion for writing and reporting (obviously). You musn't be scared of hard work, because I've only started a week ago and I've already got 3 essays due for this week. I'll try to post here as often as possible but it's always kind of difficult to find someone free to take a shots of me (as everyone is busy with their courses). Anyway, lots of love x

"Is this how you treat all strangers? With love and affection? Now I feel cold and empty"

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