dimanche 27 octobre 2013

Shocking, Provocative U.N.I.F

First two pictures - from Good Daze collection Summer 13
Next three pictures - from Twin Peak collection Fall 13
Last three pictures - from Poison Ivy collection Summer 12
Video - Nothing Lasts Whatever 

So I really wanted to write about the very controversial online brand UNIF (U’re not in fashion). Established in 2004 by couple Eric Espinoza and Christine Lai in LA, UNIF has had numerous complaints. They are often being accused of being satanic and being condemned for the use of Illuminati symbolism in their clothes.

The brand mostly finds its inspiration in the 90’s grudge wave. Wearing UNIF clothing will make you feel rebellious and you’ll somehow feel like you’re breaking the law. But did it go too far?

Wearing a black oversized tee with “Pray to Jesus, Party to Satan” or “Jesus Shaves” with a portrait of bold Jesus, or “Go to Hell for Heavens Sake” could offend religious people. The UNIF customer wants to shock, and to provoke confusion. However, this breaks ethics and moral rules. Sure, the U.S.A offers a freedom of religion but this clothing is more to disturb the public than express some kind of religious view.
In addition, other complaints accuse UNIF to embellish the use of drugs. Marijuana print shirts or the PMW (Pussy Money Weed) shirt could be considered as bad influence for underage customers (although nowadays I don't think clothing has to be blamed for drug use at very young age, anyway that's my personal opinion).

UNIF has also been blamed for being overpriced. Simple ripped t-shirt can’t be found for less than 70USD, although you could find the same at Venice Beach for less than 10USD.

Personally, I'm a big fan of UNIF. I wouldn't wear some of their clothes, because my aim isn't to offend or shock. But some of their pieces are just amazing (although overpriced, but I guess you're paying for the name right?), I mean I would kill for some. Here are some pieces I adore: The Hardy BlazerThe Ish PantsThe Das Boots or The Oh Dang Swimming Suit. And these are just a few. And another thing I'd like to mention is their campaigns. I mean come on, there're incredible! The Nothing Lasts Forever filmed by marvelous photographer Moni from Johnny's Bird, awakens my dark side (yes, i used to be a big fan of heavy metal) and makes me wanna walk around in an oversized tee with leather hot pants and the UNIF Hellbounds like I just don't care. So I'm interested in knowing what you guys think about all this. xx

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