mardi 24 septembre 2013

Our Deal

Velvet Crop Top - Primark
High Waisted Shorts - American Apparel
Ankle Boots - H&M
Army Jacket - Thrifted in Paris at Hippy Market

Not only a week I have been living in the lovely UAL accommodation: The Costume Store, that it already feels like home. Such a big change from Manila, people here are so original and I adore how everybody is so creative. My friend Marion Bracque, amazing photographer, took these few shots of me yesterday. You can show your support by liking her Facebook page or following her tumblr! Lots of love, xx

"When you leave me, the bed is empty and I feel crazy, cause' I didn't say anything. I wish you would tell me, how you really feel. But you'll never tell me cause' that's not our deal"

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